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  • Camping Inflatable Tent

  • Camping Inflatable Tent

Camping Inflatable Tent

product description

Inflatable tent adopts the principle of structural mechanics to design the frame. The gas pressure is used to expand the airbag to form a column with certain rigidity. After the organic combination, the skeleton of the tent is supported. Use the PVCP canopy material is used to cover the independent space to Reach the use of the tent.

Mainly used for moisture, water, wind, dust, sun protection, disaster relief, short-term field training, short-term field operations.

Cloth material: Oxford cloth, PVC coated cloth

Inflatable column material: PVC coated polyester interwoven cloth

Adapt to temperature: -40 ° - +65 °

Frame wind resistance: 6-8

Hydro-static pressure: Hydro-static pressure ≥16kpa

Anti-surface water: 160-200mm

Inflation time: 2-10min (varies with the size of the tent)

ModelSpecificationweight(kg)Volume (m³) Column(cm)Max capacity(person)EXW Price ($)

Please note: if order big the discount is possible.